A Blockchain and A.I First Innovation Hub.

3rd Floor, Plaza 2000, Mombasa Rd.
+254 716 490 808
[email protected]
+254 716 490 808
3rd Floor, Plaza 2000, Mombasa Rd
[email protected]


Simply “Ted” like talks on new and emerging technology across africa.

The talks are a platform for individuals to share knowledge and start-ups to showcase the impact of new technology in solving third world challenges.

Open Forums

These are open talk forums for Successful tech-entrepreneurs, Inventors and anyone with an inspiring tech story.

The talks are open for any member of the public and will be professionally recorded and aired on partner T.V’s, Thebhub’s Youtube Channel and Other Social Media Channels.

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Investor Forums

Investor forums will feature potential investors looking to invest in innovative technology products and entrepreneurs seeking investment for their solutions.

These forums will be produced as part of Thebhub's Innovation in Africa Series which shall be uploaded to our social media channels.

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