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Thebhub's SME Innovation Program

A flagship program enabling Small and Medium Businesses to

hire, scale Software Engineering Teams and implement

business-critical applications on Credit.

sme innovation program

Sign up for our SME membership program.

Choose a business application to implement

We discuss the Cost and ROI

Select and Meet your Team

You have an option to build your software at The Bhub and Pay in 3 - 6 months installments*

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membership benefits

Enjoy Web and Mobile App Development services on credit

Get a Social Profile feature story about you and your Business to a 1M+ Audience.

Select Founders get a video feature and an opportunity to share their failure and success stories at SME Engage.

Free Tickets to the NEXT 3 SME Engage Events and 50% Discount thereafter

Get a dedicated Team of Remote Software Developers and Digital Marketers to Consult on innovative ways to grow your business.

We guide you to deploy business tools that matter first so you don't have to pay for what you don't need.

membership fees

The program attracts a one-time Membership fee of Ksh. 6,000 and Free for all our clients.

*50% of the Membership fees will be discounted from your first project (T&C’s apply).

How to Pay



Go to Mpesa Menu

Enter Business No. 342342

Enter Account No. 002505100275101

Enter Amount Ksh. 6,000

Enter Your Mpesa Pin and Send

Share the Mpesa Transaction no. while submitting your application.

Pay Your Membership In Installments.

We Care that you are a Small Business and may not pay all at once. You can submit the form with your first installment of Ksh.2,000 and pay the rest within a Month.

sme innovation program faqs

The program is for any revenue generating SMB with or without an internal software engineering teams, struggling to innovate and cannot afford to pay for implementation of basic business applications such as app and web development, CRM application, Digital Marketing and Accounting Apps.

The service on credit is interest free. So long as it’s paid within the agreed period.

Your membership does not expire but automatically renews every year. Your membership may however be suspended at any time if you violate the agreed terms of service.

You’ll be able to contact any of our teams through chat, email and phone channels provided after sign up.

Have any More Questions? Reach us on Whatsapp or Use our website chat or social media channels.

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