A Blockchain and A.I First Innovation Hub.

3rd Floor, Plaza 2000, Mombasa Rd.
+254 716 490 808
[email protected]
+254 716 490 808
3rd Floor, Plaza 2000, Mombasa Rd
[email protected]

Dedicated project manager and flexible dev team size available on demand

We help you build and deploy affordably Really Fast

Pay As You Go On A Monthly Basis


Get access to the most experienced developers around the world. Our developers have helped build some of the most successful systems and application. On each project, we also assign a project manager. Each project will include a Devsondmand project manager to help you go through everything from start to finish.

Scale your teams from 1 to 20 developers on demand, without long term commitment.

What Our Developers Can Do

Build Enterprise Blockchain POC's

Build Android and IOS apps

Help you deliver on new projects regardless of the platform or language

Support your in-house team to deliver on existing projects

Troubleshoot issues with your code in real-time 24/7


Ksh. 12,000 / day ($120): Developer Experience of 3-10 years

Ksh. 20,000/ day ($200): Technical Project Manager

A typical project includes 2-3 developers full-time and one project manager part-time.

Schedule a Call

December 2021

What We Expect From You

A single point of contact. Preferably a techie.

A GitHub private repository to host the source code. Our teams & tools work on GitHub only!

Write and submit first project specifications

Test deliverables on time

Frequent feedback for continuous improvement

Kick Off Meeting Set up

Zoom Video/Audio Call to introduce teams

The PM will provide feedback on customer’s first specification

Agreement on how to manage the project. (Tools & Sprints)

Create the first tasks

Define next steps

Give Your Feedback

To improve ourselves, we will send you customer satisfaction feedback at the completion of every task. Please take the time to always fill in our survey.