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Why Use Devs On Demand?

Save time

Working with experienced developers means focusing only on what works. Saves you a tonne of time.

Pay for Time Spent

Pay as low as Ksh. 80 per minute for Individual requests and Ksh. 12,000 per day (approx 8 hrs) for a dedicated expert developer.

Collaborate from Anywhere

Using industries best collaborating tools such as github for code and screen-sharing video tools makes sorting out your programming issues a breeze!

Risk free trial

You will not be charged if your session is under 5 minutes.

Client Protection

Client pays to an escrow and developer is paid only when the session or project is complete.

Guaranteed satisfaction

We promise 100% money back guarantee in case you're dissatisfied with your experience.

Who is Devs On Demand for?


Entrepreneurs and Startups

Easily turn those ideas into working code.


Students & Bootcamps

Get help with your coding project.

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Large Corporations

Get that extra support for your existing team.


Consultants and Freelancers

Meeting tight deadlines? Devs on Demand is here for you.