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3rd Floor, Plaza 2000, Mombasa Rd.
+254 716 490 808
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+254 716 490 808
3rd Floor, Plaza 2000, Mombasa Rd
[email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

DevsonDemand User FAQs

Our goal is to connect you with an expert as close to instantly as possible. Generally you should expect this to take 10-20 minutes, and sometimes longer or shorter.

Availability of Experts can vary based on time and complexity. As long as you leave the tab open, you will be notified when an expert joins your session, even if you are in a different tab/window.

It’s possible that your question requires knowledge that’s too specialized for our experts to answer. During peak hours, it’s also possible that there are too many help requests happening for you to receive help.

In scenarios where we couldn’t help you instantly, our fallback plan is to prompt you to choose 3 times for you to receive a callback when an expert is available.

No, our experts choose you. The expert you choose might not know the answer to your question. The expert also might not be available, be on vacation, or has chosen to go inactive without telling us. We also want to help you right now to avoid the possibility of any scheduling issues, cancellations and no-shows. So instead, we have our experts who are available right now choose you, based on your request description. This way we can help you with little waiting. The experts have pre-agreed to guarantee that you will be happy, so it’s 100% risk free to you.

If you have worked with an expert previously, you will be able to request them directly from the your profile page at their ‘preferred’ rate.

During the first five minutes of your session, you can explain the problem to your expert to discuss whether or not the expert is the best fit for your issue as well as to test video and audio feeds. If you decide to end the session before 5 minutes is reached, you will not be charged. However, if you decide to continue with that expert beyond 5 minutes, you will be charged for the entire duration of the session, including the first five minutes.

When you create your help request, you set your maximum budget, which can range from $0.80/minute to $3/minute. Our systems will automatically prioritize qualified experts that can come in under-budget, and work hard on your behalf to search for the cheapest qualified expert to find the best deal for you.

Doing this removes a lot of back-and-forth negotiation between you and the expert so that you can be helped immediately.

The first five minutes is a risk free trial with the Expert who joins your session. Your session will be free as long as you end within the first five minutes.

Even if the session goes longer than 5 minutes, if you’re not completely satisfied, then you can request a full refund through our 100% money back guarantee program.