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The Developer Supportive Ecosystem will consist of three levels of support; Sponsors, Patrons and Circle Leaders,. A circle leader develops and Owns their idea while the Sponsor and Patron provides Financial Investment and Business Mentorship.

Applications are Open for Developers With Ready Coded Blockchain Solutions or Simply Have a Great Idea...

A Developer Focused Support Structure

A circle leader is a developer who’s idea has been reviewed and validated. A circle leaders will then define their team, usually comprising of a co-founder with a business and technology background, and other developers with different but complementing skills such as UI/UX development, cryptography e.t.c. Together they form a Circle Core.

Circle Leader Roles

Coding the Main Solution

Overall Project supervision until a Minimum Viable Product is ready.

Crowd funding set up through ICO’s with help from an ICO expert.

Team Motivation.

Organize Regular meet-ups to review and report project milestones

Manage customer/product development feedback loop so the customer can improve the product

Schedule Circle patron briefs.

Teach and guide pool developers


Technical and Business Support Through Their Solution Development Journey.

Product/ Company ownership

A circle sponsor is an investor who funds a solution that solves a problem in his area of interest. A sponsor can be either a private company, a government institution or an individual.
As a sponsor you can propose your own solution to form a new developer circle within Thebhub or choose among the blockchain projects which have a Minimum Viable Product and are marked as active.
Sponsors then negotiate for equity during an arranged co-founder’s coffee session at Thebhub.


Project Funding


Equity/Company Ownership

Interested in sponsoring any of our current or upcoming projects? Simply sign up.

A circle patron is an individual with vast experience and holding a high leadership position within the respective industry either in private sector or government.

It’s Important that they have first-hand insight on the industry challenges/problems that need to be solved by emerging technologies.


To motivate their respective Circle Developers

They can also take up advisory board roles depending on their Schedule.


Special Recognition from their institution for their contribution towards blockchains impact to society and business.

Our Support

  1. Free Access to Blockchain, A.I Meet-ups by IBM.
  2. Discounts and Sponsorship to developer summits and Events around the world.
  1. Free Co-founder Coffee Sessions
  2. Focused Learning Resources (Blockchain, A.I)
  1. Over Ksh.12M Worth of free Cloud Resources From IBM, AWS and Other Strategic Partners.
  2. Technical Support
  3. Thebhub DevCircles Slack Community Access
  1. CRM tools for Customer Engagement and Feedback
  2. Access to already established customer base through partners
  1. Access to Thebhub Talks and Investor Forums
  2. Business Mentorship.
  3. Business Service Discounts.

Featured Circle Patrons `{`Celebrity Developers`}`

They guide, motivate and mentor our developer community.

FullStack developer

Chris Ganga

Current Technical Team Lead at Andela.

Clarion for Windows

Daniel Mutunga

Expert team coach and mentor

UX/UI, JQuery, PHP

Kevin Kariuki

Software Developer at Sycom Africa

DevOps Engineer

Kevin Kaburu

DevOps Engineer at Roamtech solutions

Featured Circle Leaders `{`Expert Developers`}`

Dedicated to developing high impact in-house projects into Startups as well as supporting institutions to implement Blockchain and A.I Solutions

Rails/ReactJS Developer

Richa Bhardwaj

10 years experience in Web app Development in Ruby on Rails following Agile methodology.

Javascript, Blockchain Expert

David Amunga

Has previously worked on Decentralized Crowdfunding app and an Event management web application.

.NET framework, java and Python

Donald Nyandika

Great at Software Design, Development and Integration using the .NET framework, java and Python

Reading Resources

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