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We Organize Software Engineering Teams For Startups & Develop Web and Mobile Apps on Credit.

Our Mission is to Accelerate Innovation in Africa by Integrating Emerging Technologies in Every App and Platform We Develop.

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THEBHUB was founded with a mission to empower developers in third world countries to build solutions using emerging technologies and to teach coding and related skills to young kids, ultimately creating a community of creators, thinkers and innovators for the future.

Third world countries are nowhere close to developed countries when it comes to adopting new technologies, this gap has hindered progress in terms of building innovative solutions fast enough to solve new challenges in industries such as Healthcare, Government (vastly affected with corruption), Trade, Insurance and Others. This has immensely inspired our mission to create an ecosystem for a young generation to build a future for their organization, society or country as fast as they possibly can.

Our Journey began in Kenya, at the beginning of 2017. At this time Blockchain was barely heard of in Kenya and Crypto-currency was constantly being cited by government institutions as a scam; it must have been from a point of ignorance. The Co-founder Mr. Granville Wafula, a serial tech-entrepreneur, at the time had approached several government and Banking institutions and proposed solutions such as blockchain based e-voting systems, Blockchain Identity solutions and Affordable cross-boarder remittance using the Blockchain. Non seemed to understand the technology. A few developers knew what Crypto-currency and Blockchain was, but none could build simple Blockchain Solutions.
He then shared the frustrations with his friend Mr. Abdulwalli Shariff, an astitute businessman and Philanthropist in Kenya, he supringly understood the potential of Blockchain and had a vision to create a Blockchain trading platform to solve numerous challanges in global trade. There was however no single Blockchain developer to hire in Kenya. It is at this moment that Thebhub was Founded.

Abdulwalli Shariff
CEO & Co-founder
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Circles Director
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DevOps Engineer
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head of digital marketing thebhub
Head of Digital Marketing and Partnerships
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Corporate Events Manager
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Dr. Samwel Nyaoke