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Where to build your next tech startup in Africa.?

Where to build your next tech startup in Africa.#InnovateWith- TheBhub.

We have launched the #InnovateWithTheBhub campaign this month to shed more light on the nature of work software developers do at TheBhub. A survey we conducted over the last few weeks showed that the following factors polled highest among programmers when choosing where to work:

  1. Career growth and Learning: They want tasks & responsibilities that assure they continue to learn and evolve as they work.
  2. Interesting Complex & Diverse Problems to Solve: The opportunity to work on projects that are worthwhile — they are both challenging and exciting, as well as impactful.
  3. Flexible and Remote Work: Office space and location shouldn’t get in the way of how you work. Where you get work done from is not as important as actually getting the work done.
  4. Competitive Pay & Benefits: Being properly paid for work done is a metric that polls well across the board, and rightly so.
  5. Fun Culture + Elite Programming Team: Because people spend more time at work and around colleagues (physically or remotely) than they do anywhere else, work culture and the kind of colleagues matter a great deal.


SME engage events


With the #InnovateWithTheBhub campaign, we’re keen on showcasing theBhub experience to Startups, SME’s and software programmers across the country. The factors listed above all play into our value propositions as a company. Some of the best programmers in the country work with theBhub, and are masters of remote and distributed work. Guess what? You can have access to these programmers on credit if you qualify! Apply Now


Over the coming weeks, we will be hosting SME engage events across all our locations. These SME engage events will bring together tech industry leaders and senior software programmers to discuss the innovative nature and future of work. Some of our programmers will also speak on the work they do and the impact they’re making.


To register to attend a SME engage event, please visit the campaign page to confirm when we’re hosting one in a city near you. To get updates on the campaign follow our Social Media accounts and #InnovateWithTheBhub



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