A Blockchain and A.I First Innovation Hub.

3rd Floor, Plaza 2000, Mombasa Rd.
+254 716 490 808
[email protected]
+254 716 490 808
3rd Floor, Plaza 2000, Mombasa Rd
[email protected]


Thebhub SME Innovation Program


A flagship program Enabling Small and Medium Businesses to implement business critical applications on Credit.

Sign up for our SME membership program

Choose a business application to implement

Discovery session with a Business analyst and Software Developer.

We discuss the Cost and ROI

Pay in 3 - 6 months installments.

Enjoy Web and Mobile App Development services on credit

Get a dedicated Team of Remote Software Developers and Digital Marketers to Consult on innovative ways to grow your business.

We guide you to deploy business tools that matter first so you don't have to pay for what you don't need.


Our circles platform provides technical support for developers to solve predefined problems and challenges through frequently organized Hackathons by coding Minimum Viable Products. Top, Talented Individuals are hired to form Our Software Engineering teams for Startups and SME’s.

A developers journey at THEBHUB begins with:

Membership and joining developer circles.

Selecting an industry they would like to build a solution for.

Choosing a problem they want to solve.

Creating a Minimum Viable Product.

Thebhub supports the entire project incubation ensuring developers have all the tools they need through key partnerships.

Thebhub Developer Circles

Thebhub Talks

These are Simply “Ted” like talks on new and emerging technology across Africa. The talks are a platform for individuals to share knowledge and start-ups to showcase the impact of new technology in solving third world challenges. The talks are in three cartegories:

A Tech Themed B2B Event series for Start-Up Founders. Recorded, Post produced and Shared on Social Channels with Over 1M+ Aggregated Audience.

Upcoming Event


Next Event Coming Soon!

Open forums are open for any member of the public interested in the various topics to be discussed. Each forum will feature 4 speakers each being allocated 20 mins.

Investor Forums will have investors and potential adopters of technology as target audience. There shall be 5 vetted presentations each taking 20 minutes. Investors will be required to join a sponsorship program of their choice.

Kids' Code School

Thebhub's Kids' code school teaches kids aged 4 to 12 Years how to code. The aim of the school is to build a community of thinkers, creators, and innovators from a tender age. With it's friendly and fun curriculum, kids can flexibly learn programming within a short time. The school will offer regular programing throughout the year. Our core programs include:

Take sometime to review our awesome school days and holiday timetable and let us know where your child can fit in.


Our Partners